The Bronze Orlopp Turkey was developed in Canada by the Orlopp family using American and English breeding stock. They have dark plumage, similar to the wild turkeys hunted by many North American Settlers. Their dark rich meat makes them highly flavourful and sought after for holiday meals. Orlopps are also quite hearty, with strong frames making them fit quite well into our pasture raised system.

We raise our turkeys on pasture with access to shelter and roosts for those cool autumn nights. All of our turkeys are fed a barley and wheat ration. We are proud to grow the cereals that make up the majority of our ration.



Order By: Jun 15th
Pick Up: Oct 5th



Order By: Jul 15th
Pick Up: Dec 21th

We raise our turkeys specifically so their available to our customers for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We sell them on a pre order basis only to individuals, companies, as employee gifts, and or for charity events. Each turkey is delivered fresh, as a fully ‘dressed’ whole bird, and weighs between 12lbs and 18lbs (our target is 15 lbs). Please review the ‘order by’ and ‘pick-up’ schedules below and place your order accordingly. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Cooking a Turkey

Stuffing Recipes

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