Red Wattle are a heritage breed that originated in Texas though the origin of the breeding stock is still much debated. They are a bright red colour with two distinctive lobes (wattles) that hang from either side of their neck. Red Wattles are known for their well marbled chops and rich flavored meat. They are very hearty, despite their southern roots, that combined with their strong foraging abilities make them ideal for pasture grazing. They were first brought to the Island by Ivan Wall, of Mount Herbert, in the 1980s. Ivan had big plans for the breed but lost his entire herd in a tragic barn fire. When I purchased my first hogs, I was very disappointed to find that there were no Red Wattles remaining in Atlantic Canada and was proud to bring this excellent breed back to the Island in May of 2016.

We raise our hogs on pasture for the majority of the year but during the winter months we keep all of our hogs inside on straw bedding. We also supplement our hogs with a barley and wheat ration as opposed to a corn based diet. We believe this makes for pork with a richer flavour and enhanced marbling, it also allows us to produce as much of our own feed, on farm, as possible. We also feed our hogs pressed apples when available. The byproduct of making apple cider, it adds sweet notes to the flavour of the pork . Thanks to our friends at Wintermoor Orchards for keeping us in good supply.

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