What is a Meat CSA?
CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. In the case of a Meat CSA, It’s a partnership with you and a local livestock farmer who focuses on producing and providing high quality, naturally raised meats like pastured chickens, pork, beef and turkeys.

In a Meat CSA, each member supports a local farmer by pre purchasing their CSA shares. This up front investment by members provides the farmer the funds required to finance the purchase and raising any livestock, and to know exactly how many animals to raise. For their investment, each member receives an agreed to quantity, assortment and cuts of meat products over a fixed period of time. And for a Meat CSA member, it also means they have priority over any other customers the farm may have.

At Glen Lake Pasture Farm we provide 6 month Meat CSAs. Members can sign up for 6 months at a time and renew prior to the end of the period so their Meat CSA remains continuous. No running out of delicious pastured beef, chicken or pastured pork again!

Applications can be printed off from our website, filled out and submitted by mail to:

Glen Lake Pasture Farm
1417 Simpson Lane
Tarantum, PE C1A 7J8

A 50% deposit is required with your application.
It can be paid online via PayPal, or by a cheque included with your application.

Balance of Payments
The remaining 50% is due and payable in 6 equal amounts, one on each pick up date at the Farm Centre.
It can be done in person using your credit card and our ‘Square’ system.

P.E.I. Farm Centre


How many people can each meat share size feed?

Box #1 = approx 30 lbs (suitable for 2-4 people)
Box #2 = approx 45 lbs (suitable for 3-5 people)
Box #3 = approx 55 lbs (suitable for larger families of 4+ people)

What are your Meat CSA periods?

Period 1: May 1st – Oct 31st
Period 2: Nov 1st – Apr 30th
**Six month periods for each sign up**

What are the pick-up days and locations?

1st Thursday of each month from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM.
PEI Farm Centre, 420 University Av, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2Y9

Can I choose different selections each month or is it the same variety each month in my box?

Each month the selection in a box can vary. As we raise several types of livestock, what is available will change due to the season and what cuts are available at that time.

But prior to the pickup date each month, we will communicate electronically with members via what will be in the box for that coming period.

Do members pick up or does Glen Lake Pasture Farm deliver?

It’s most economical for members to pick up at the Farm Centre on the 1st Thursday evening of the month during the “Thursday Night Farm Market” (see delivery & pick up calendar for more detail).

I want to get other meat online and have it delivered. Does Glen Lake Pasture Farm do this?

Yes, you can augment your monthly CSA by ordering any additional meat on-line and we can combine that order with your CSA pick up.

Can I use my Credit Card to pay for my CSA?

You can make your CSA deposit on-line via PayPal and purchase in person though our ‘Square’ system. So yes, you can purchase our products with your credit card.

What cuts of meat does the meat CSA have?

Most of our meat cuts are fairly standard to what you would find in a grocery store, and it would be across 3 main livestock types: chicken, pork & beef. We also raise turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, and would include one in each of the pickups prior to those holidays.

What if there is too much for my family to eat each month, or I’m a single person, and I want a meat CSA membership. What can you do for me?

Our members can split their Meat CSA with friends or family members who want pastured chicken, pork beef or turkey, but don’t eat enough for a full share. But we would need a lead person who would be the main contact and through whom the payment would be made.

We’re going on a holiday, what about our meat CSA?

Enjoy your time away! You can simply inform us as to who would be picking up your Meat CSA on your behalf for that period, so that we know their authorized to do so.

Does Glen Lake Pasture Farm offer refunds?

We would love to offer this service but the money from the meat CSA memberships goes to buying the animals, looking after them and keeping them healthy and happy. So we are unable to offer refunds.

Can I transfer my meat CSA membership?

We would be happy to transfer your membership to someone else if you can find a person who wants to take over your share.