Though we have a mixed herd we breed entirely to Angus bulls. Angus cattle come in red and black and originated in the Scottish highlands. They are medium framed beef cattle that have excellent performance on grass and hay, making them well suited for a pasture based operation. Angus cattle are excellent mothers who provide large quantities of milk for their calves and are very protective of their young. Angus also produce well marbled steaks and are sought after by chefs and butchers.

We keep our cattle outside year round with access to shelter with dry bedding. Despite this many of them prefer to sleep outside even on the colder nights. We believe in rotational pasture management and move our cattle frequently throughout the grazing season. During the winter we feed a mix of hay and silage and are experimenting with bail grazing. All of our feeder cattle are finished on a ration of hay or grass, for enhanced marbling we supplement them with potatoes, a barley and wheat feed ration and if they are lucky enough, spent brewers grains from local breweries.