Pasture Management
We believe that holistic pasture management, a method of land management that encompasses all aspects of pasture and animal health , is not only the most sustainable way to raise livestock., but also the most humane. Rotationally grazing multiple species (in our case; cattle, hogs, chickens and turkeys) over the same piece of land enables us to get the maximum benefit from our pasture land while providing a consistent application of beneficial manure. This combined with the aeration of the hoofs on the pasture stimulates the grass and legumes to grow back faster and allows us to do more with less land, with a decreased reliance on fossil fuels.

Land Stewardship
Being a fourth generation farm, protecting our land for future generations has always been a top priority. We are proud of our long crop rotations, our use of perennial forages, and our avoidance of fall plowing. We are also proud to maintain many tree lines around our farm. We are confident that these practices prevent erosion and prevent valuable topsoil and soil nutrients from being washed away. Our land has provided for four generations and we hope that it will continue to provide for many more in the future.

Caring for Our Livestock
Our animals are our biggest investment and without them we would have no farm. We value our breeding program and are always trying to improve our genetics. We are proud to raise heritage and novel breeds of livestock wherever possible. Helping to ensure that these breeds and their valuable traits are not lost to future generations is so important. We are proud to have training in humane and low stress animal handling and to use these techniques on our farm. Pain management is also something we take very seriously and we work closely with our veterinarian to manage pain during treatments and procedures. Managing our livestock on pasture whenever possible and only raising cattle and hogs that are born on farm decreases stress and improves animal welfare.