Glen Lake Farm is a fourth generation family farm started by my great grandfather, Patrick Cummiskey, in 1918. Located in Tarantum, PEI, my grandfather, Jim Cummiskey, raised beef and dairy cows, along with growing turnip and seed potatoes with his Brother Maurice. My father, Tom, and uncle, John, have carried on this tradition with my father keeping a milking herd along with beef cattle. My Uncle John also raised hogs for several years and grew potatoes with my father. In recent years the farm has operated primarily as a cow-calf operation, with 60 cows on 250 acres.

I grew up farming with my father and uncle, but worked at a local restaurant part-time while attending Holland College. It was there that I witnessed a progressive chef’s interest in using local food and supporting local producers. With a steady stream of farmers gracing the back door, I got to thinking that I’d really like to be one of those farmers someday. But I wanted to do things differently, to focus on what more consumers are expecting from their food, that it’s more naturally and humanely raised.