Who We Are

My name is Travis Cummiskey and I am a new farmer, though I’m not new to farming. I have been doing it all of my life alongside my father,Tom, and Uncle, John. I flirted with with the idea of a career off of the farm but a love of animals, of nature and of great food drew me back to the farm. Glen Lake Pasture Farm might be a new name but, our roots run deep. The Cummiskeys have farmed in Tarantum for 4 generations. We have always been a mixed farm.

Today, we raise a variety of livestock, including chickens, turkeys, hogs, beef cattle and laying hens. As Glen Lake Pasture Farm, my plan is to raise and finish unique breeds of chickens, turkeys, hogs and cattle on our 250 acre farm. “We feed all of our hogs, chickens and turkeys a barley and wheat feed ration. This produce a much richer flavour and more even marbling compared to a corn ration. It also enables us to grow most of our supplemental feed on our own land. For our cattle we grow and harvest our own hay and grass silage, ensuring we have quality forage for when they are unable to graze on pasture. We also strongly believe in rotational grazing and holistic pasture management. We feel raising animals in this manner is more ethical, more sustainable and in the end, produces a healthier and higher quality end product. And our hope is to connect with local Island families and restaurants, and provide them with the best food we can offer.

If you are interested in learning more about our plan, our methods or our products, or if you would like to place an order, visit our contact page and give us a shout.